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Within the mantra of OM, the asana practice is overexposed by a sound, teaching forever only light. (Exposure: 15 & 8 sec at f / 22 Focal Length: 24 mm ISO: 100) 


ONE BUDDHA IS NOT ENOUGH - Written & Read by Jeff Bien - Filmed by LefteriAlexander

The Eye of the Buddha:

"A rainbow emanates upon a mandala from Nepal, the upside down triangle, a symbol of the feminine divine, rests upon the locus of the Buddha. Transfixed in its meeting and meaning, through its light, a light of its own. Looking through spaciousness awareness, seeing the teachings non-separation being seen, watching the watcher watch, everything known is known. This is the present of presence, the divine glance of the Buddha eye itself."

(Exposure: 1/50 sec at f / 1.8 Focal Length: 24 mm ISO: 2500)